MAE Moderators

Why sound moderators are more effective than ear plugs or ear-muffs

  1. Moderators are attached to the firearm and act directly on the Sound Pressure Level created during firing.
  2. Moderators have integral muzzle brakes which remove a high percentage of the felt recoil. The weight of a moderator also plays an important part with recoil reduction. Extra weight can be advantageous. Too light can result in next to no recoil reduction on heavier recoiling calibres, which will allow harmonic/ vibration transfer through the body.
    A moderator also minimises the chances of the hunter flinching which is one of the main reasons for lost or wounded game.
  3. Moderators allow the shooter or hunter to clearly hear as well as being aware of what is happening around them and under-foot.
  4. Moderators stop “muzzle jump” which allows a hunter taking long shots to determine where the projectile will land and to allow for calculated shot placement, thus reducing the chance of lost or wounded game.
  5. Moderators reduce the risk of unwanted attention from neighbouring property owners whilst shooting e.g. farm or range.
  6. Moderators reduce stress and the risk of hearing injury whilst shooting over dogs or around livestock.
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