MAE Moderators

The New T Series Bushless


We are proud to announce the release of the new bush-less models to the “T” Series range.

  • For Commercial Operations  where operators can quickly swap a moderator onto another rifle without the down-time of a rear bush replacement.
  • Can be purchased from your local retail outlet and quickly attach ready for field use with out any down time for fitting.
  • Allows the product to be fitted directly onto one or more rifles having the same thread size and recommended calibre, with out having to change any rear bush.
  • Eliminates any scuffing on the exterior of the rifle barrel through contact with the rear barrel support bush.
  • Our advanced design harnesses the energy from the gun-shot to keep the moderator tight against the thread shoulder, negating the use of any Star or Spring washers.
  • Reliable single point mounting.
  • Higher working temperature.
  • Faster cooling of the barrel exterior.
  • Reduced mirage

The “T” series range of products has been designed for shooters or hunters who require a product offering maximum noise and recoil reduction, with minimal muzzle over-hang.

  • Encompassing a portion of the barrels exterior creating a sealed rear expansion chamber, thus preventing any exhausting gases from the gun-shot from coming into contact with the exterior of the rifle barrel.
  • Can be retro-fitted to other rifles of the same or smaller calibres, using the same thread size. The black plastic rear bushes are interchangeable. You may have 2 or more that have been machined to fit other rifles, using just one moderator.
  • Standard models will accept sporter & varmint barrel profiles.
  • Custom models will accept target & bench-rest barrel profiles.
  • Will fit round, triangular and fluted barrel configurations.
  • Sealed units, require no internal maintenance.
  • Maximum noise reduction, ideal for use in all shooting and hunting applications, shooting over or around dogs, live-stock, horses etc.
  • Maximum recoil reduction, reduced flinching, resulting in accurate shot placement.
  • Allowing those who normally would not attempt to shoot larger calibres, to be able to experience this without the ill effects of heavy recoil.
  • 100% 304 grade stainless construction.
  • High corrosion resistance (No non-compatible materials).
  • Welded construction for maximum strength.
  • No internal maintenance required (Centre-fire models only).
  • 5000x round minimum service life: (Centre-fire models only).
  • This model accommodates calibres from 17 MACH II , 30-06 Springfield, 338 Lapua Magnum through to the large dangerous game calibres including 458 Winchester Magnum.


  • Range-Shooting
  • Target-Shooting
  • Foot-Hunters
  • Deer-Stalking
  • Long-Range Shooting
  • Pest-Control / Harvesting


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