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New T Series XTREME Bushless centre fire .22cal







38mm tube





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The Xtreme B-L (Bush-less) is our latest advancement in an over-barrel design. We have produced a “T” series over-barrel model weighing only 16.08oz (456gms), 1 1/2″ (38.1mm) diameter and an overall length of only 6.65″ (169mm), improved performance and the Sound Pressure Level (SPL) falling well below 140 dB. The internal geometry is designed to harness the energy of the gun-shot to keep the moderator tight against the thread shoulder. The Xtreme B-L is designed to accept .17 HMR and .22 WMR and including 223 Rem bolt-action rifles, with barrel diameters up to 0.906″ (23.0mm).

  1. Sound Pressure Level (SPL) well below 140 dBC Linear Peak.
  2. Single point mounting system. Allowing for faster removal and assembly to another rifle without the down-time of replacing the rear barrrel support bush with the appropriate one. Ideal for commercial applications.
  3. Higher operating temperatures.
  4. Faster cooling of the barrel exterior.
  5. Reduced mirage.
  6. This design has a sealed expansion chamber which comes back over the barrel allowing for better weight distribution.
  7. The threaded muzzle of the barrel winds into a barrel support spider located behind the groove seen on the outer tube. This aligns the muzzle to the bore of the moderator.
  8. 5,000x round minimum service life (approx. life of a standard rifle barrel).
  9. Constructed using only quality corrosion resistant materials, with high resistance to flame degradation, retaining structual integrity.
  10. High corrosion resistance to salt water exposure.
  11. Internal geometry harnesses the energy of the gun-shot to keep the moderator tight on the thread shoulder, resulting in high level rifle accuracy and longevity of the product, eliminating the problems with a moderator unwinding leading to baffle strike.
  12. No star or spring washers required to ensure the moderator remains tight onto the thread shoulder.
  13. Minimal blow-back from ejector port on firing (direct-gas semi-auto rifles only).
  14. Shrink fit assembly and welded construction developed to resist high impact and abrasion..
  15. Reduced muzzle flash.
  16. Reduced recoil for improved target aquisition.
  17. Warranty: 3 years
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