MAE Moderators

Hunters need to protect their dogs hearing also

It is a common mistake whilst shooting over or around dogs that it is assumed the hunting dog is not subject to risk of hearing loss like humans. However, this is not the case.

A dog’s hearing is more acute and works over a wider range of frequencies than a human’s, therefore its potential for permanent hearing damage is no different from ours.
Dogs cannot communicate this to us other than by their actions or the absence thereof.

Humans can choose to take measures to help protect their hearing, however it is not possible, neither is it practical, to place hearing protection devices onto dogs.

It is our responsibility as dog owners, hunters / shooters to ensure that our pets are not subjected to this punishment. Sound moderators provide the solution to reduce hearing loss, for hunters and their dogs.

Sound moderators remove the blast pressure wave which is the cause of hearing loss, allowing the dog to focus on the impact noise of the projectile.
This allows the dog to effect faster acquisition of the target species, and reduces the chances for game to be lost or wounded.

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