MAE Moderators

Why do shooters suffer hearing loss

From the trigger being depressed through to the ear-splitting crack of a gunshot, (certainly more noticeable on a range however than in the bush) hearing loss is inescapable and for the ear, an irreparable problem. From the moment the firing pin / striker impacts the primer to the igniting powder sending the projectile on its […]

Muzzle breaks vs sound moderators

Muzzle Brakes (MB) are devices designed to reduce recoil and muzzle jump, that attach to the muzzle thread of a rifle barrel. Although there are various designs, with an arrangement of holes and slots of various geometrical shapes, some designs prove to be very effective whilst others are less so. The energy released as the projectile […]

Hunters need to protect their dogs hearing also

It is a common mistake whilst shooting over or around dogs that it is assumed the hunting dog is not subject to risk of hearing loss like humans. However, this is not the case. A dog’s hearing is more acute and works over a wider range of frequencies than a human’s, therefore its potential for permanent […]

Why sound moderators are more effective than ear plugs or ear-muffs

Moderators are attached to the firearm and act directly on the Sound Pressure Level created during firing. Moderators have integral muzzle brakes which remove a high percentage of the felt recoil. The weight of a moderator also plays an important part with recoil reduction. Extra weight can be advantageous. Too light can result in next […]

Why MAE uses stainless steel

The internal workings of the MAE centre-fire moderators are permanently sealed and do not require disassembly for cleaning. The sealed units prevent incorrect disassembly and assembly of the components which can lead to misalignment causing bullet-strike, and accuracy problems. We choose to craft all our centre-fire products using 100% 304L stainless steel. The reason being […]

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