MAE Moderators


MAE Ltd was formed in 2005, and the company has effected many improvements to the development of product designs and their performance. Over the last 8 years this has been made possible by adopting the use of modern technology.


Technology has furthered our understanding on how the sound pressure level (SPL) generated the gun-shot affects the operator of the firearm and the way this resultant noise reacts with the environment. Noises that may irritate one person may go unnoticed by another.

We have conducted tests on recoil to understand its relationship to hearing loss. For open sight or optical sight alignment and to optimise accuracy, the cheek bone should sit firmly onto the comb of the stock. As the firearm is discharged the sound frequency that is generated from the gun-shot is transferred to the shooter, as sound travels faster through a denser material (bone) than air. The role of recoil reduction is as important as the affects of the air-borne transfer of sound.

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