MAE Moderators


From the beginning, R&D has played an important role in the growth of our understanding of firearms, noise suppression and recoil which has lead to the development and variety of our product range. It is our belief that this has only been possible with a hunger for further knowledge.

Having three main product categories- muzzle cans, T series, and the Integrated Moderating Systems (IMS), has given us a variety of different applications and designs which over the years have been enhanced and refined. With our testing based on repeatable and traceble results, it has allowed us to apply our knowledge and design to improve the performance of each and every product.

Priorities in the develeopment of our products:

  1. Safety: is by far the most important consideration in the development of our products. The safety of the firearm operator and bystanders is paramount. This means structual integrity of our products is a dominant objective.
  2. Noise reduction: to further reduce hearing loss which has plagued shooters for centuries.
  3. Recoil reduction: is an overlooked area which is also conducive to hearing loss and flinching, resulting in lost or wounded game.
  4. The weight of a product: is important. It is the density of the 304 grade stainless steel that aids in the absorption of the sound energy. We are continuing research to reduce the weight, however this is entirely dependant on ensuring that the shooters safety is not compromised and that the sound reduction is maintained or reduced further.
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